Access Equipment/Elevated Working Platforms (EWP)

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Safety Information/Risk Assessment

EWP Safe Use Information

Carrying Equipment in Work Platforms Guidelines

Working over Water

MEWPs – Effect of Wind Side Forces

Guide To Managing Risks of Tree Trimming and Removal Work

Emergency Lowering Procedures


Pre-Operation Checklist

EWP Pre-op check



6m Scissor (S3219E) Operating Manual

OP S3219E Operator Manual


8m Scissor (S3226E) Operating Manual

S3226E Operator Manual


10m Scissor (All Terrain)

 Full Operation manual available from NHG (due to size)


13.5m Scissor (All Terrain)

All Terrain Scissor Start Up & Operating Guide

Full Operation manual available from NHG (due to size)



Boom Lift (Trailer Mounted) 12.9m (MHP13AT) 

Snorkle Basic Set Up Guide 

Full Trailer Boom Operation Manual available from NHG (due to size)