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Northern Hire Group Pty Ltd (NHG) cannot guarantee that the information contained on this site is free from error, omissions or is exhaustive.  NHG recommend that the hirer performs their own research and assessment to determine the suitability of the equipment for the proposed works.  NHG makes no representation that any of the products are suitable for your purpose, and the hirer acknowledges that they have relied on their own skill and judgement in this regard.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to use the equipment only in the manner for which it was intended, ensure all operator’s hold the applicable license or competency certificate (where applicable), and to read, understand and follow all safety, pre-start and operational procedures in regard to the transportation and use of equipment.  If you are unable to locate procedure data sheets for the hired equipment, please contact a NHG representative for detailed product information prior to use.

NHG will not be held liable for any claim, loss or damage arising from ingorance in the safe and/or correct usage of hired equipment, or use for any other purpose than that for which the equipment is intended, or the use of, or reliance on, the information on this website.