ReelStrike    12 Volt Spot/Dripper Sprayer

* 200L capacity
* 30m hose reel
* 7.5 L/min
* Quick attach suction filter
* Easy flow drainage system with outlet bung for quick cleaning
* Powerjet spray gun with adjustable brass nozzle for accurate spot spraying
* 255mm threaded lid
* Sturdy hot-dip galvanised steel frame
* Trailer mounted- with rear boom spray for wide spraying areas (3.6m spray pattern)



Risk Assessment Trailer

Safely connecting our trailers

Prior to using any weed controlling chemicals, it is extremely important to read and follow the information contained on the herbicide label. This includes:

For the safe use of weed controlling chemicals, please refer to:

Period Rate
Half Day -
Day $70.00
Week $280.00
Month -