Lawn & Garden Essentials


Now is the perfect time to put down the remote and

get out into the garden


1.   Dethatch & aerate your lawn for healthy, green, luscious growth

2.  Apply a weed killer to elimate broadleaf weeds and bindii

3.  Re-seed and/or apply fertiliser to encourage healthy growth

4.  Trim your lawn regularly to keep it looking neat and to stimulate new growth

5.  Rejuvenate garden beds or create a veggie patch (great for the kids)

 6.  Prune trees & shrubs & trim hedges to remove dead growth

7.  Dig for new plantings

8.  Irrigate for easier summer watering

9.  Re-gravel paths & driveways

10.  Cover garden beds with mulch to improve moisture retention & soil health

11.  Pressure wash paths & exteriors

12.  Sit back and enjoy!